Green Lantern Secures Place as Movie with Craziest Aliens

Take a gander at Kilowog and Sinestro with their new, just-released character banners.

This summer has its fair share of superhero movies, but there's one thing that separates Green Lantern from the pack: Crazy-ass aliens. Nobody, but nobody, has more crazy-looking aliens in their superhero movie than Green Lantern does. You've seen glimpses in the trailer, and you've seen bird-fish-alien-monster-thing Tomar-Re, but now it's time to get serious.

Yahoo! Movies has released two new "character banners" for the film, which are basically just posters, but sure, we'll call them character banners. They focus on the monstrous-looking Green Lantern trainer Kilowog and Sinestro, who (SPOILER!) is evil as the dickens.

Kilowog is perhaps the most popular non-human Green Lantern and acted as Hal Jordan's trainer in the comics, and likely the movie as well. Though the alien is entirely CG, he's voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan. We always imagined him with more of a Ving Rhames sound to him, but sure, Duncan works too.
Where's our giant root vegetable poster, huh?

Sinestro, however, is played by one of today's finest film heels, Mark Strong, who has starred in badass villain roles in Sherlock Holmes, Kick-Ass, Robin Hood and others. Though Sinestro isn't the villain of this flick, and actually starts off as the mentor to Ryan Reynolds' Hal Jordan, it's a good bet that the second flick will see him taking on a more...sinister role. That or he'll move in with Hal Jordan in some type of Odd Couple scenario. One or the other really.

Check out small versions of the banners below, or go stare slack-jawed at the full-sized ones over on Yahoo! Movies.