Famous near-death experiences

Famous near-death experiences

Famous near-death experiences
For one brief moment, these famous figures  gave their fans and followers a big scare. See which potentially fatal circumstances nearly caused these stars to fall.
The award-winning rapper struggled with drug addiction for years and nearly overdosed in 2007. Which substance caused the scare?

Kanye West
In October 2002, the rapper-producer was involved in a car crash after leaving a late-night L.A. recording session. What major injury did he sustain?

Gabrielle Giffords
On Jan. 8, a gunman attempted to assassinate U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D.-Ariz., who is now on the road to recovery.
50 Cent
In May 2000, the platinum-selling rapper fell victim to violence outside his grandmother's home  What happened?

Travis Barker
In September 2008, the pop-punk drummer was listed in critical condition after a plane crash. What was the suspected cause?
Morgan Freeman
Rescuers had to use the Jaws of Life to rescue the distinguished actor after a flip-over car crash in 2008. How was he injured?

Serena Williams
On March 2, the tennis star underwent emergency treatment for a blood clot What caused it?
Gary Busey
On Dec. 4, 1988, the Oscar-winning actor  was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. What contributed to his injuries?

Sharon Stone
In 2001, the actress's severe headaches revealed something more serious once she was rushed to the emergency room.

Erik Estrada
While filming a stunt for his '70s TV show, Estrada was thrown from, then crushed by, a motorcycle, sustaining multiple injuries

Chevy Chase
Chase was injured in a freak accident that seemed ripped from the plot of the 1981 movie he was filming. What happened?

Ozzy Osbourne
Many know about the aging rocker battling his past demons. But in 2003, he faced a different kind of threat to his livelihood
Rachel Bilson
As a teen, the actress was involved in a head-on car collision, which left her unconscious for days.