Failed pop stars

Failed pop stars

Failed pop stars
"American Idol" reject Pia Toscano is in talks to release a new album after being booted from the talent show  Her foray into pop stardom will probably fare better than these non-musical celebs, who couldn't resist attempting a pop career -- often to ear-splitting effect.
Kim Kardashian
Socialite daughter of a fallen football star's celebrity lawyer

Day job: "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and her new reality show (watch it)

Pop attempt: Dance single "Jam

Listen to "Jam
Kevin Federline
Ex-husband and father to the children of a legitimate pop superstar.

Day job: Super Bowl commercial jokester and "Celebrity Fit Club" contestant

Pop attempt: Album "Playing With Fire"

Watch the video for "Lose Control"
Heidi Montag
Plastic surgery fan  and wife of Spencer Pratt

Day job: Star of "The Hills" and author of how-to book on achieving fame

Pop attempt: Aptly titled album "Superficial"

Lindsay Lohan
Former child star struggling through mug shots and rehab to build adult career

Day job: Charmed in movies "Freaky Friday" and "Mean Girls"; next project?

Pop attempt: Albums "Speak" and "A Little More Personal
Kelly Osbourne
Once-chubby daughter of famous rocker transitions into svelte style icon

Day job: Commentator on "Fashion Police"; model for Madonna's clothing line

Pop attempt: Album "Shut Up!"; sang a duet with dad on "Changes"

Watch the "Papa Don't Preach" video and compare it to Madonna's original
Oscar De La Hoya
Boxer who scored an Olympic gold medal and a lucrative career

Day job: Retired from boxing, De La Hoya now runs this sports company

Pop attempt: Following in a relative's footsteps, released self-titled album

Kim Zolciak
Blond and brassy reality-TV personality, currently with child

Day job: "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star

Pop attempt: Single "Tardy for the Party," co-produced by another 'Housewife'

Watch her perform "Tardy for the Party"

Tyra Banks
Former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and former talk show host

Day job: Creator and host of "America's Next Top Model"; business school student

Pop attempt: Single "Shake Ya Body"; "sings" intro to "ANTM"

Hayden Panettiere
Actress who played pivotal character on TV's "Heroes"

Day job: Recently starred in revival of horror movie franchise

Pop attempt: Singles "My Hero Is You" and "Wake Up Call"

Watch the videos for "My Hero Is You" and "Wake Up Call"

Deion Sanders
Versatile athlete who played in the NFL and another pro sport

Day job: Football commentator and star of reality TV's "Deion & Pilar"

Pop attempt: "Prime Time" hip-hop album

Watch videos for "Must Be the Money" and "Prime Time Keeps on Tickin'"

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Starred on TV's "Party of Five" and "Ghost Whisperer"

Day job: Directing her first movie; vajazzling advocate

Pop attempt: Albums include "Let's Go Bang" and "Barenaked"

See the "How Do I Deal" video; she's also in Enrique Iglesias' "Hero"

Danielle Staub
Member of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" who sparked famous table-flipping

Day job: Reportedly set to star on reality show about a restaurant

Pop attempt: With close female friend, sang "Real Close"

Naomi Campbell
Supermodel with fierce beauty and even fiercer temper

Day job: Posing on fashion-mag covers; organizing Fashion for Relief benefits

Pop attempt: "Babywoman" album

Brian Austin Green
Now married to a "Transformers" starlet, Green grew up on "Beverly Hills, 90210"

Day job: Appears on "Desperate Housewives"

Pop attempt: Album, "One Stop Carnival"

Hear "Didn't Have a Clue"
Paris Hilton
Hilton starred on "The Simple Life" with then-BFF Nicole Richie.

Day job: Celebutante and star of new reality series

Pop attempt: Self-titled album "Paris"