Teen Entrepreneurs

Teen Entrepreneurs

Business's teen titans, Idle texting, shopping and channel surfing are not on the itineraries of these driven teenagers. From a 15-year-old style star launching a high-profile website in September to a top game designer who's only 14, these high school-age entrepreneurs are changing the face of business.

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What he did: This India-based mogul heads up a 42-person branding and marketing firm with the business motto "Creating awesomeness."
Leanna Archer

What she did: Archer started her own line of natural hair care products at age 9 and has branched out into philanthropy as well
Ava Anderson

What she did: This Rhode Island teen founded a nontoxic beauty line and has been embraced by the fashion press as well as the business world.
Mark Bao

What he did: This college student has been dubbed "The Startup Machine," thanks to such creations as his viral social media app, his customer support project and his latest venture.
Tavi Gevinson

What she did: In September 2011, the young fashion icon and muse launched her own online style magazine, Rookie, gaining praise from the likes of The New York Times and Lady Gaga.
Diane Keng

What she did: Before graduating from high school, this Silicon Valley native had already co-founded a popular social network site with her brother.
Lizzie Marie Likness

What she did: Likness went from selling baked goods at a hometown farmers market to sharing healthy eating habits with kids via her cooking website.
Robert Nay

What he did: Nay started an iPhone games company, which sprang from the popularity of an addictive game he designed in his hometown library
Charles Orgbon

What he did: In 2008, Orgbon launched his own green movement, which promotes environmental awareness and action in schools.
Adora Svitak

What she did: Hailed as a child prodigy, Svitak was a published writer by age 7, the subject of a documentary by 11 and a teacher by 12.