Cult classic movies

Cult classic movies
Cult classic movies. Despite never gaining mainstream fame, some films have achieved cult status and enduring loyalty – inspiring midnight showings, festivals and sing-alongs. Twenty-five years after the release of "Labyrinth," we take a then-and-now look at the actors who helped these films earn their place in history.
Howard the Duck
The 1986 comedy science-fiction film was based on a Marvel comic book and focuses on an alien anthropomorphic duck, Howard, who is accidently transported to Earth from Duckworld.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
In this parody of science fiction and horror films, a newly engaged couple must look to the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter for help after they break down in an isolated area.
This Is Spinal Tap
The four main characters shared writing credits for this 1984 all-star mockumentary, which spoofs the rock 'n' roll scene. While it opened to modest success, it has since earned wide acclaim from critics and fans.
The 1989 dark satire of teenage suicide depicts a four-girl clique, three members of which are named Heather, and how they rule their Ohio high school through manipulation and intimidation
The 1985 Ridley Scott fairy tale about good vs. evil earned an Academy Award – but not for acting – and has enjoyed a strong cult following.
Directed by Jim Henson, the plot of this 1986 fantasy film revolves around a young woman's quest to rescue her little brother from the Goblin King while trapped in a massive, unearthly maze
Written, directed and starring Kevin Smith, the 1994 cult classic depicts a day in the life of two store clerks and their customers. Financed largely by credit cards, the film was shot for just this much
Reservoir Dogs
After a supposedly simple jewelry heist goes wrong in this 1992 flick, the surviving crooks begin to suspect that one of them is a police snitch.
The Big Lebowski
In a case of mistaken identity, The Dude seeks repayment from a millionaire after thugs urinate on his rug in the 1998 film. Called the first cult classic in the Internet era, it has inspired Lebowski Fests all over the country.
Donnie Darko
In this 2001 suspense film, a disturbed teen is plagued by visions of a large bunny rabbit that manipulates him into committing a series of crimes.
The Goonies
A group of childhood pals goes on an adventure to find buried pirate treasure to save their homes from demolition in the 1985 movie
Repo Man
After being fired from his job and finding out his girlfriend left him for his best pal, a young punk rocker in Los Angeles falls in with the wrong crowd in search of a mysterious car in this 1984 cult hit.
Pee-wee's Big Adventure
The 1985 adventure comedy that launched Pee-wee on a countrywide search for his stolen bicycle was one of director Tim Burton's first blockbuster successes