Celebrity plastic surgery

Celebrity plastic surgery
Celebrity plastic surgery. Secrecy and subtlety are no longer hallmarks of plastic surgery, especially for some augmentation extremists. The billion-dollar industry has yielded some notable and notorious celebrity makeovers. 
Joan Rivers
The image-conscious comedian skewered an eye-catching actress for years, but now she's her own punch line.
Lisa Rinna
The former daytime soap opera star relocated her sudsy pedigree to a nighttime address, but her signature enhancement eventually became tabloid fodder. 
Kenny Rogers
The country music superstar made one of his biggest hits with another plastic surgery devotee, but only his cosmetic work rises eyebrows.
Donatella Versace
Nearly 15 years after her famous brother's death, the muse-turned-mogul's cosmetically altered features are as famous as her fashions.
Tara Reid
The teen show alum became a hot young movie star before her plastic-surgery experiences made her a celebrity tabloid staple.
Lil' Kim
Famous for committing a federal offense, the skimpily dressing rapper's cosmetic makeover has made her infamous among celebrity chroniclers.
Lara Flynn Boyle
Lara Flynn Boyle hit the celebrity radar for her role in a 1990s TV cult classic (watch the video) but spent the next two decades on Hollywood lists for her altered features.
Janice Dickinson
The supermodel-turned-reality show veteran has courted controversy for years with famous boyfriends and her noteworthy cosmetic work.
Mickey Rourke
After reprising his boxing career, Mickey Rourke went under the surgeon's knife to repair pugilistic injuries, but the reconstructive work became a cautionary tale. 
Ashlee Simpson
While her older sister gained star-making wattage first, the pop singer became a plastic-surgery sensation when she had some work done. 
Jennifer Grey
Jennifer Grey became a movie star without altering her face. But when she had plastic surgery, she became notorious for being almost unrecognizable.