Famous Clowns

Famous Clowns
Famous Clowns. Some of the most entertaining performances at any circus are the clowns. To celebrate Circus Day, we take a look at some of the most famous ones. 
Bozo the Clown
Often billed as the most famous of them all, Bozo the Clown has been portrayed by numerous performers around the world because of franchising deals.
Weary Willie Emmett Kelly
Weary Willie, aka Emmett Kelly, was a sad-faced, hobo-like character who was always trying to clean up after other, somewhat messy clowns. His most well-known bit was to try to sweep the light out of the spotlight in the center ring of the circus.
Lou Jacobs
A well-known clown, Lou Jacobs has been credited with introducing the clown car into circus acts. Some clowns also credit him with introducing this well-known piece of apparel.
Charlie Rivel
Charlie Rivel, portrayed by this mam, was famous for his stunt with a chair, guitar and a long jersey, and years later for adding this feature to his signature act.
The Fratellini family
The Fratellini family were internationally known for their clown performances. They were particularly known for the Fratellini brothers, an unusual three-clown act.
Homey the Clown
Homey the Clown, who was portrayed by this comic actor, was known for this signature line.
Coco the Clown
Coco the Clown, who was portrayed by this man, was most famous in a European kingdom. But unlike other well-known whiteface performers, Coco was this type of clown. 
Otto Griebling
Otto Griebling was a master clown whose signature act was walking around the circus arena asking for Miss Jones while carrying a block of melting ice. After this happened, he became known as the silent tramp.
Red Skelton
A member of the International Clown Hall of Fame, Red Skelton was a pantomime clown and well known for his portrayal of Freddie the Freeloader, a funny tramp.