Biggest sports fines

Biggest sports fines
Biggest sports fines,The most recent fine and suspension in professional sports goes to Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell  for allegedly hurling gay slurs at fans and making crude gestures. Professional sports pay some of the largest salaries and feature great talent, but what's the cost of that competition when it takes an ugly turn?

 Kobe Bryant
The NBA basketball player was fined for using an anti-gay slur toward a referee during a game. Gay rights organizations were happy with the harsh punishment from the NBA commissioner.

Kobe Bryant appeals $100K fine

kobe bryant fined $100,000

vanessa bryant 4 million ring

 James Harrison
The linebacker for this steel-city team  racked up the fines for illegal hits in 2010. The NFL has been cracking down on hard and illegal hits for safety reasons. Will there even be a football season this year?

James Harrison appeals fines

James Harrison penalties $100,000

 Mike Tyson
During the “Sound and the Fury” fight in 1997  Tyson famously bit off part of the ear of his opponent.  He was hit with a monstrous fine and had his boxing license taken away. 

Mike Tyson $3 million fine

 Bill Belichick
The temperamental coach was handed the largest fine ever for an NFL coach for spying and videotaping another team's defensive signals.

Bill Belichick scandal $500,000

 Dennis Rodman
This former basketball bad boy was given the largest fine for a player in NBA history at that time in 1997 for insulting a Utah-based religion.

Dennis Rodman $300,000 child support

Dennis Rodman $50,000 fine
 Charles Swing 
In 2009, the NASCAR crew chief was suspended and hit with the biggest fine in the sport's history for having an oversized engine during a race at a popular speedway.

Charles Swing  fined $200,000

 Ray Kroc
The late MLB baseball team owner and businessman, best known for a major fast-food chain was fined a hefty amount in 1979 for publicly stating he would try to pursue certain free agents. 

Ray Kroc $100,000 fine

ray kroc net worth $500 million 

 Vancouver Canucks
In 2004, Canadian hockey player Todd Bertuzzi  was suspended  from the NHL for a punching Steve Moore  in the back of the head, which fractured his neck and ended his career. The Canucks were slammed with a huge fine.  

vancouver canucks fined $250,000

 McLaren Formula 1
The McLaren-Mercedes Team were disqualified from the Formula 1 2007 season and fined the largest amount tin FIA history  for its part in an espionage scandal involving their rival team.

mclaren ferrari spy scandal
Mark Cuban
This outspoken NBA owner was hit with a large fine  for violating anti-tampering rules when he mentioned he would like to acquire this star player when he became a free agent. What team did the player end up on?

Mark Cuban $100,000 fine