iPad 2 Accessories You Need Right Now


Thanks to the Vogel Flex Mount, however, I can turn my tablet into a wall-mounted candid photo of Justin Bieber getting an allergy shot.

Vogel Flex Mount, $70

Now that the written word is completely obsolete, the days of taping up mini-posters of J.C. Chasez and Devon Sawa from my Tiger Beat subscription are gone (this may have contributed to everyone being gay all of a sudden).  The button can attached to most surfaces, and the mounted iPad rotated in any which way or direction. Pretty slick.

Miniot Wooden Cover, $70

Miniot’s ultra-suede lined wooden smart cover turns the iPad on and off when opened and closed, respectively, but it’s way better than the smart covers Apple’s putting out. The rolling wooden cover can be turned into an upright stand, folded over to give that book-readin’ feel, or put in a keyboard position. If you buy now, they’ll even engrave your cover with any image for free. Not too shabby. The whole thing costs 50 Holland dollars, which is equivalent to most likely $70 American or five tulip bushels.

DODOcase, $60

Don’t you love the smell of a new book, that feel of a well-wrought binding between your thumb and forefinger? Enjoy it, nerd, because that ship is sailing fast. If you really must prolong the inevitable digitization of things to look at, you can get yourself the DODOcase, which just came out in an iPad 2 version. It’s built from Moroccan cloth using actual book-binding techniques and feels like an honest-to-goodness hardcover. And for only sixty bucks, natch!

BookBook, $70

Apparently there is quite the market for iPad 2 accessories, as it can sustain at least two items that make your thing that cost hundreds of dollars look like a rummage sale, booger-covered copy of Lady Chatterly’s Lover. Also also a case that is a stand, the BookBook has a vintage leather look that will cost you $10 more than the new-appearing DODOcase, but this is the price you must pay to appear like you are too ethical to take your businessman father’s trust fund money.

ZAGGmate, $99.99

You could just buy a laptop, but that’s for poor people. Instead, please spend one hundred dollars on the ZAGGmate, which now comes in an iPad 2 version. Perfect for turning your iPad 2 into a holder for the embedded Bluetooth keyboard, the ZAGGmate case will also offer some protection against your stale PBR spills.

Nomad Brush, $24

Fancy yourself an artiste? Of course you do. Now you just have to prove to your parents that your Ivy League art major wasn’t a poor decision. The Nomad Brush isn’t going to do that, but it will be a helpful distraction when your parents are on the phone talking about your brother’s investment banking job. It is a magical paintbrush whose synthetic and natural fibers can tickle your iPad 2 into art submission.

Griffin Technology x Col. Littelton No. 42 Courier Bag, $695

Handmade by Lynnville, Tennesee’s finest whiskey-swilling leather workers, the No. 42 Courier Bag has a special pocket up inside of it just for your gentleman’s electricity reader. Gorgeous detailed include a lock and chain and a serial-numbered brass ID plate on the inside.

HP Photosmart e-All-in-One, $99.99

You don’t have to nab this HP Photosmart directly from Apple, but it may be just the extra influx of cash they need to save Steve Jobs’s life. Just saying.  Also, it’s got AirPlay, which lets you print directly from your iPad 2 without a filthy norm computer getting involved.

SmartFit2 Smoke, $29.95

If I’m going to spend nearly a grand on a new iPad 2, I am going to take absolutely every opportunity to make sure each and every person I encounter knows it. That’s why I am all about this smoky-clear case from the Joy Factory, a thin and durable protector that will ensure nobody mistakes your tablet for a Xoom.

Belkin FlipBlade, $29.99

The FlipBlade, coming soon in a model specifically for the iPad 2, is a hard-working, durable, and super-slim convertible stand. It’s got four different positions, which let you view and type on your tablet from all kinds of crazy angles, like straight up or straight up and a little backwards.

Digital AV Adapter, $39.99

The official Apple AV adapter hooks your iPad 2 up to your TV (provided it’s got an  HDMI in-hole) so you can look at things on a small screen and a big one at the same time. Your iPad 2 will also charge up while it’s plugged into your television, so don’t let that be the excuse your girlfriend gives you for not wanting to join your marathon of the entire series of Soap.