Favorite TV couples

Favorite TV couples

Favorite TV couples
In honor of Couple Appreciation Month, we’re taking a look at the small-screen duos whose romances have inspired us over the years. From UFO-chasing FBI agents to a cartoon couple from Springfield, see if your favorites are on the list.
Ross & Rachel
The “Friends” couple went through breakups, one-night stands, marriages, a baby and even an action star before they chose each other once and for all in the final episode.
Cliff & Clair Huxtable
The happily married and successful couple raised a large family. Was there a kid who watched “The Cosby Show” and didn’t want to live in the New York brownstone  as a member of the Huxtable family?
Lucy & Ricky Ricardo
The real-life couple – who had an unusual sleeping arrangement on “I Love Lucy” – endured wacky onscreen antics, but sadly their off-screen relationship didn’t last.

Jim Halpert & Pam Beesly
The “normal” couple on “The Office” had one of the more memorable TV weddings  of the past few years. What did they name their fictional daughter?

Homer & Marge Simpson
Sure, “The Simpsons” is animated and Homer can be a doofus  but the cartoon couple’s long-running marriage is one of the most romantic on television. How did they meet?

Dan & Roseanne Conner
The blue-collar “Roseanne” couple  – along with their three kids – joked their way into our hearts. What sad event was revealed in the series finale?
Howard & Marion Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. C were the levelheaded center of the 1950s-set “Happy Days.” Listen to the show’s catchy theme song.
Julius & Rochelle Rock
The hard-working parents of “Everybody Hates Chris” seem to really love each other despite their penchant for yelling.
Buffy Summers & Angel
A death by sword couldn’t keep the star-crossed lovers of the cult hit “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” apart, but sadly, a move to Los Angeles could.
Mike & Carol Brady
The lovely lady and her “man named Brady” were the glue that held “The Brady Bunch” together. How long was it on the air?

See some of their best moments
Eric & Tami Taylor
The photogenic football coach and his wife  are the heart and soul of the critically acclaimed small-town drama “Friday Night Lights.” When does the final season begin?

Carrie Bradshaw & Mr. Big
The show was called “Sex and the City,” but fans were happiest when the fashionable writerwas a one-man lady. Viewers finally learned his real name in the finale.

Fox Mulder & Dana Scully
After nine seasons – and a first movie – diehard “X-Files” fans finally got to see the FBI agents become an actual couple in the 2008 sequel.