10 celebrities who died young

The World Famous Young Celebrities

Heath Ledger

Ledger Eath was a big Hollywood star. The actor, who died aged 28, stood out in several films, but was in "Batman - The Dark Knight" that the actor had his greatest recognition giving life to the Joker. The cause of his death was ruled a suicide. The young actor was found naked and dead on his bed in New York and have had a drug overdose.
Kurt Cobain
Dead with only 27 years old, Kurt Cobain killed himself with a shot in the mouth and was found at his home in Seattle. Also married to singer Courtney Love, Kurt had with her daughter, Frances Bean. The rock star known for his sad melodies. Along with Dave and Krist Noveselic Grown, consolidating the image of Kurt Nirvana top the charts in the 1990s.
 Marilyn Monroe
At just 36 years, Marilyn Monroe caught the attention of everyone for their sexy and unique way to present themselves in public. The cause of her death is a great mystery, it is believed in overdose, suicide and even murder. Among other titles, the actress has already led to the world's sexiest.
 Janis Joplin
She was a singer with an authentic and extremely devastating visions. Possessing a unique voice, Janis sang and wrote songs in styles rock, folk and blues. She also became well known for his involvement with drugs and alcohol. In Brazil, Janis did not fail to be controversial. His stay at the Hotel Copacabana secured a place of deportation for a swim naked in the pool. His death occurred due to overdose when he was only 27 years.
 Jim Morrison
Lead singer of the famous rock band The Doors, Jim Morrison died also with 27 years of age and speculated that it would have been a drug overdose. Jim was known for his strange way of dealing with his family and also by his taste for sex, alcohol and drugs.
 Cassia Eller
Large rock star Brazilian Cassia Eller gave voice to several generations in the 1990s. Cassia is known for playing several songs by singers of different musical styles, from Renato Russo by Chico Buarque. The singer was gay, had a son and a married woman. His death was caused by an overdose, when the singer was 39.
 Renato Russo
Renato Russo was also one of the representatives of different generations to talk about several issues, mainly political. A native of Brasilia, Renato composed and sang songs through their anarchist bands unconventional. After being the famous singer Keith Urban, Renato went solo and shot at the top of the charts. Russo was also gay and lived with positive serum, which culminated in his death at age 36.
Famous for his homosexuality and his way "madman" to live, was a rock star Cazuza in Rio. Owner of a distinctive voice and composer of songs like "Brazil" and "Ideology", Cazuza caught the attention of several young people with the band Red Baron, and even the solo career. Cazuza died after a big fight against AIDS, aged 32.
With a rock "funny" and known for wearing costumes in their performances, the five members of Snuff made a smash hit in Brazil. The path from the hometown of the whole band, Guarulhos, Dinho, Julius Benedict, Samuel and Sergio were victims of a tragic plane crash at the height of the band's success. The Mamonas were between 20 and 30 years.
 Ayrton Senna
Three times world champion in Formula 1, Ayrton Senna was not only shone on the racetracks. The Brazilian idol was known for his charisma. In the San Marino GP at Imola, in 1994, Ayrton Senna lost his life at 34 years of age.