World’s Biggest Limousine

The Midnight Rider has been officially named as the heaviest limousine in the world, according to the most recent edition of the Guinness Book and Records, and can be yours for just £650 an hour.
Weighing in at a whopping 22.5 tons, measuring 70 foot in length, 13 feet in height and boasting 22 wheels, the Midnight Rider is a beast of a limousine and is proving a big hit with revellers in California.

With room onboard for 40 passengers, the Midnight Rider also comes with 5 staff members who will be on hand to assist guests during their event. The limo comes fully equipped with 3 luxurious lounge areas, a bathroom, and a full size and well stocked bar. Plus there’s a pole for any wannabe dancers, and also a laser guided satellite receiver with internet capability.

The owners of the Midnight Rider wanted to create a high end luxurious feel onboard the limo which harks back to the bygone age of opulent railroad travel. The decor has been finished with impeccable detail in the style of an old fashioned train carriage.

Described by its owners as “460 square feet of pure luxury” they say the vehicle is less of a limo and more of a “travelling nightclub” due to the extensive onboard entertainment features and spacious interior.