Sexiest African Women

Kami Munderu - Kenya

Kami Munderu is the 2010 Peoples Choice for Africa's Sexiest Woman. A very simple woman who believes beauty is and should be a cause not a cost! She believes everyone is beautiful in their own way. She spends a lot of time doing charity work and is particularly involved in a project to help improve Girls Education in East Africa.
Mariatu Cole - Sierra Leone

Ms. Sierra Leone-USA 2011 has that beautiful smile, and gentle demeanor. She inspires thoughts of elegance, dignity and grace. Nice.
Sein Saoli - Kenya

This hottie rocks bald like a serious fashions statement! Owner of CommonSeins, we are sure that a bold head makes lots of sense to many once they see it on her. She is currently the competing in the Face of Germany competition.
Bruna N’Diaye - Senegal

Bruna N’Diaye was born in Genes, Italy. She lives in Brescia, Italy with her mother. She is from Senegal and is a student in pediatrics. Recently, she was crowned Miss Muretto 2010 and has been among the top 25 finalist of “Italia Next Top Model”. She is the first Black to be elected 'Miss Muretto', which is a first in the competition. Her dream is to be a top model like Naomi Campbell.
Fifi Soumah - Guinea

Fifi Soumah is Miss Africa USA 2010. She hails from Guinea and is currently living in Maryland where she is pursuing her studies in communication. She is an advocate of nonprofit organizations like “Help and Save Africa” that help underprivileged children to pursue their studies in Africa. She also helped another organization named “Nimba Entertainment Inc” that helps young impoverished female children to go to school in Guinea. One of her goals is to create a nonprofit organization in her native country Guinea that will contribute to develop education and promote the welfare of women.
Tysha Ayele - Ivory Coast

Olivia Dumas Creppy aka Tysha Ayele is a 21 year old singer, choreographer and model from Ivory Coast who lives in France. She modeled for the first time at the age of 16 for the famous French brand “Morgan”. She is also passionate about Hip-Hop and soul music. She is a classical dance, Latino, modern jazz, dancehall and Hip-Hop professor. She modeled for designers like “Veronique Design”, “Baifal Dream”, “Lekori” and “Gillette Leuwat”.
Nayma Mingas - Angola

Nayma Mingus is a model who is in demand on the catwalk and for magazine photoshoots. We can see why she is so hot.
Nicola Sackey - Ghana

This Miss Ghana-UK 2008 has a passion for sports. An avid sprinter, she has a degree in Sports and Exercise Science. Beauty, brains and a passion for sports make her a hottie for many guys. Who are we to disagree?
Gugulethu Mbatha-Raw - South Africa

This stunner has guys tuning in every week to watch the televisions show “Undercovers”. She gives her co-star, Boris Kodjoe, a serious run for his money!
Halimata Graille - Niger

Halimata Graille is a model and actress from Niger. She was spotted by the director of Nova Magazine in a restaurant where she was working as a waitress when she was eighteen years old. Her model career started then with a cover for Nova Magazine. She also played in the movie titled “Le dernier vol” with Guillaume Cannet and Marion Cotillard. She is very interested in acting and is planning to purse her career in that field.
Sunday Omony - Uganda

Now this is a lady who makes curves look hot!! Think that skinny is the only way to go? Think again. Curves are in, and she makes them look fine!