Ronaldinho Is Not As Well In Order For You (And Other Moments Of Non-Sporting Passion)

As far as opposable thumbs, moving on two legs, written communication or a happy hour on Friday, one of the things that separates humans from other animals is the ability to lie to yourself.

The gift to convince us of what we know is not true, create stories about ourselves or believe something that is clearly contradicted by facts or rational thought is a basic human mechanism for comfort or to avoid a clash with a reality that seems complex or too painful.

Thoughts like "She called me because he's busy," "Sooner or later things get along," "He got this job in luck" or "I'm good in bed, she can not because an orgasm is frigid" are uniquely human ways to streamline a process of emotional protection, like no beaver, elephant or panda would do (can you imagine losing a zebra in the race for a lion and thinking "Ah, but I did not want to even survive, humpf"?)

"You Are With Me Because He Loves Me, Of Course."
And one of the environments in which man most lie to yourself, the more tricks, more distorts reality for comfort, tranquility, peace of mind and possibilities of that mess in office on Monday morning there could be another than the sport, or in the case of the Brazilian man, football.

The truth is out of the four lines

The lies, of course, are many and are changing as they now, the fans and occasion, ranging from the subtle to the most complex, the most discreet to the most cynical.

Hyperdimensional titles when we won and took all their importance when we lose ("What is your Libertadores close to my first round of Rio, huh?" Huh? "), Discussed with the facts even when they have clear ahead (" And then he attacked the guy with a pick inside the small area? That there is a penalty ?!"), we hide in the lawless world of subjectivity ("Are you saying I can not find that the Toro plays more than Zidane? ") and engaging in revisionist history in a way that would make Stalin blush, embarrassed and saying" Okay, guys, sorry, now I flinch, I stopped .... "

Like that her aunt who says disillusioned with men, we promise that we will stop watching football, let go of the stadium, just to be in a few weeks back, yelling, cursing and mentally thinking about what would be the most painful way to to ruin the life of Val Baiano, or even, as one friend of his father who guarantees that the man never went to the moon, we prefer to believe in a vast conspiracy involving the French government, Nike, Joao Havelange, Fidel Castro and-industrial complex Western military than just understanding that yes, we lost the 1998 World Cup, Zidane was playing great ball and that's how life is.

None Of This Happened, It Was Just A Collective Hallucination, Right, Dr. Lydian?
And with all this controversy surrounding the return to Brazil's Ronaldinho, one of those lies in which we like to believe it ended up coming to the fore: that of love for the shirt.
"Love me, love me, say That You love me, fool me, fool me, go on and fool me ..."

After all that has been said and repeated about the case Ronaldinho, it would rain in the wet to say the story became a novel, would send a tsunami in the pond Assisi comment that is not the nicest manager we know and would be a review of pipelines Atlantis toothy talk that raised more antipathy than sympathy with all this negotiation.

But what was clear, rather than any lack of fairness in negotiations, conduct pre-Mirim on the boards or fanfarronização shocking media coverage, was the ability of the fan, clearly and obviously lying to himself about the love of a athlete for a club.

The first victim was the fans of Gremio. First club athlete, had the burden of having trained the player and stay in the city where he grew up and where his relatives live, Porto Alegre. Fed expectations of the athlete with dubious statements like "If it were me I would be in the Guild," as alleged misinformation talks for Ronaldinho fans and moments like that video on YouTube in which he sang the club song. Enough so that both the fans and the board gave the hiring and emerge as some embarrassing moments, like the episode of the speakers and interview the president Odone.

After the decision of Ronaldinho, the reaction of much of the crowd was - instead of accepting the fact that the player might not mind so much training with his club and made the decision based on purely financial factors - to consider that he chose the Flamingo "forced" by her brother Assisi. Within the logic of the fan is easier to believe that a multimillionaire player 30 years can be "forced" by her brother to go to a club to accept that, as with any financial transaction, who took advantage offered a higher bid or better structured .

"I Did Not Sign With The America-Rj Because I Was Threatened By The Ghosts Of Space Slugs. I Swear. "
Since the fans of Flamengo, the club that won the auction organized by Assis, seems to be falling into the same error in understanding the player's decision to come pro Rio de Janeiro. Rather than seeing this as a step forward in terms of negotiation - is always impressive to see a club that has already been rejected by Claudio Pitbull closing with Ronaldinho - and a breakthrough in terms of enabling to make financial offers to attract big players even though they know that they can generate future damage, prefers to attribute the coming of the player to other reasons.

Yes, because it gives to read and hear in various places that Ronaldinho would be coming to Flamengo to "fulfill a dream," "meet an old flame," or something. No, it has nothing to do with the nearly two million dollars per month but with this beautiful thing called love and intangible.

Although, as I said with great wisdom Molejo Group, in such cases is almost never love but a snare, trap, trap.
How much passion do you need?

No, I'm not saying that you can live without football passion or to let that passion blind you a little is not a part of the magic of any sport or anything. A soccer rational and thoughtful on a Brazilian could turn to an Argentine, said that Pele played more than Maradona and hear a "Si, si, Tienes razón" would not possibly 10% of the grace that football that all irrational we like and have met with all its idiosyncrasies and peculiarities.

Still, at times could be good, just for once, remember that besides being our passion, our hobby, the reason we can not do classes on Wednesday night and not go to weddings on Sunday afternoons, football is a professional sport, driven by that passion only in the limit as it is what generates the money that supports those who live it.

A football player is not exactly as we'd like to think, a devoted priest of the magical art of goal, having the passion of a medieval bard, the ability to sacrifice a Spartan soldier and an identification with the team that makes hemoglobins are in the form of his club's crest. Maybe some day have been something like this - my father tells me today about Rondinelli be able to act with a broken jaw, two legs in casts, six bullet holes in his chest and a 35 kg stone tied around his arm - but today they are, you want to read that in a good or bad sense, professional.

Keep It Comin' Love, Keep It Comin' Love…

Of course, like all professionals, some are more animated, others are more dedicated, some are there just for the money at the end of the month, some stay all day in the medical department for no reason and others invent lightning kidnappings for not showing up for work and then they have to do with the police because of that, but that's football for them, work. A more fun than yours, a work that impresses girls more than mine, but work. And as in any job, the financial factor is always an important factor in deciding what will be his next job.

And perhaps that's why we served the whole story involving Ronaldinho to become a little more complicated for all of us believe in the beautiful story that players still love their clubs and set their hearts before the pocket at the time to think about a transfer.

But of course, as in any lie that you tell yourself, this reality check will not last forever. After all, it seems that Adriano wants to return in mid-year and everyone knows he loves Flamengo is the same, right?