Quiz: What Kind Of Zombie Are You?

"Every freshman is stupid"
is one of the first phrases we learned in college. The stupidity of the freshman resembles a zombie walking aimlessly.
Already made to withdraw the difference right? If you have more answers A, its type of zombie is the classic, one that goes with decayed jacket and arms stretched forward, walking slowly and aimlessly. Who identified more with the responses of type B is the new zombie movie Slayer, running madly. It's zombie results.

The explanation of the two types of zombie gets to the end of the text that follows. The season's freshman ass I received a nice email from a reader curious about my lifestyle, my career, and how I accumulated international experience. I then decided to tell a little of my story and some passages that helped me to have a lifestyle PdH. When I was in my 18 years, was in law school and even at that stage not to think seriously what you want from life. Surely there must be a technical term or psychiatric treatment for this phase that I call here the childhood university, or "stupid freshman" as they wish.
freshman-ass Infante university in his rite of passage
On a summer night, watching film in the republic of three big brothers, which was strategically located in the vicinity of Augusta Street and amid creative musings about life, the matter came on randomly career.
We, as good freshmen stupid (or rather, infants university), we begin to share our vision of a career. One guy wanted to be a diplomat. Three other lawyers wanted to be. When my turn came, said he wanted to be a judge, which led to general commotion.
"Judge?", Asked me a noble friend of Ribeirao Preto, not believing what had been said. When I replied that yes, I discovered that I had great conviction much less justify knew the answer. I think my mother should have one day commented that it was a good career with stability, something.
The truth is that I did not know what I wanted Patavino.
At the time of college, my main occupation was reading comics from Marvel, learn how to calculate the log (a concept which has not yet assimilated) and watch a movie on Wednesday (50% cumulative reduction in the pouch in the final price of 25% ). It was a projetinho of people, enjoying my last few moments of pampering.
Just a clarification: I am very grateful for the support of my family, so I did not need to work as a teenager, what is the reality of most Brazilian families. The advantage of not needing to work is that I could fully concentrate on his studies. The flip side is that it delayed my contact with the reality of life, contributing to my innocent childhood university.
Returning to my story. To relieve the discomfort of the room all the attention of colleagues judging me, I returned the question to friends who so eagerly wanted to be lawyers. What was the reason for the choice?
They gave their answers and convinced me. In a few months, I started my internship at a prestigious traditional office in Rio. It was fun and learned a lot of important thing that helped define the next steps. But speaking of the details of this career is not the goal here.
What I want to share with you is what I see when I think of this story: 1. Often we have goals or dreams that are not clear
In my case it was the illusion that follow the career of a judge. Since I had never thought seriously about it, was a misconceived goal and sooner or later I would notice that it was not my thing.
Moreover, as a goal was unclear, I hardly find the motivation and discipline to study and prepare myself for the difficult test ahead. The failure was guaranteed. I could hardly. And if I could, that was not what I wanted! 2. Friends of quality help to challenge these goals uncertain
The class of facu was scored top marks. And this quality has helped social circle as a catalyst for me to find the path more aligned with my personality and purpose. I identified a lot with this class, and admired the passion they had for their career projects. They inspired me and blamed me when I saw that I was leaving to use my full potential.
But I've always been very eclectic and had friends from very different circles. Some of the funniest guys I know were (and still are) bohemians who do not want in any way surrender to capitalism and imprint your photo into a corporate badge.
If these guys were my only rebel group, what would happen?
Surely it is not driven to get my best potential. And if in a moment of boldness, I tried to share my larger projects would be taken as a crazy dreamer or simply ignored. And this does not happen by malice in any of these friends more din.
However, where a small group of people with ambitions and a few of the members begin to seek to shake things up, all others are uncomfortable. It is normal, a form of ego protection, usually without malice.
And finally, come the zombies!

novostempos New times: rock music is now emo, McDonald's sells salads and zombies run faster than Ben Johnson sucking piece of candy 3. This uncertainty makes us go through life like zombies
If "every freshman is stupid," I would say that freshman is not a privilege of those in the first year of college. I even find myself countless times in my adult life, performing activities related to goals nothing to do. Buying things that do not need with money they do not have to please people who do not like, without getting anywhere. Manja?
I stopped an hour and a filtered, eliminating everything that had no use for my life and quit playing the useless routines that delayed me. Watching television is one example.

zombie family Family zombie in natural habitat Such is life reactive to go playing with my belly for years and years, without moving or walking in the wrong direction. Living like a zombie. The half-dead classic Night of the Living Dead inspired all remixes, mashups and blatant copies that followed. One thing was common: zombie has always been slow. Nerd, like I said to the class I wanted to be judge in my innocent and slow ass freshman season. I thought only college at that time of childhood is that there were people like me, zombie nerds muttering uncertain goals, without knowing what you want from life. It is easy to understand the reference to eating brains in the case of lazy people who do not know what he wants and does nothing useful. Nothing new here.
But what surprises me is seeing so many people are between 25 to 35 years in their full professional potential, running like crazy and super busy ... doing things you do not want! These are the new zombies, the Type B test above. After so many zombie movies slackers yelling "brains" and stumbling on the way, the film Extermination (28 Days Later) has innovated and brought zombies that run. Equal to the enterprise that have rushed lunch hours, answering emails for the "crackberry" during the weekend, running from place to place like headless chicken.
You invite one of these for something really worthwhile. Type a reunion of friends. A free show in the park. A party, or even a lunch or a coffee. Like a few moments of quality of life. And the answer is "Damn, really wanted to go, but I'm working hard here." Rush for that, my dear? Vainly trying to finish something that never should have started? In the Internet era, tweets of 140 letters, maximum productivity and multitasking, zombie has is to run it. "I did not like being called a zombie. Want to have direction in life. " Take responsibility for their fate is not easy. If you fail and have a miserable life, the blame is all yours. No use trying to blame the president, the unchastity of Juliana Paes, who crashed in Windows, in his controlling mother or your father away. If you decide to take the red pill and wake up to life, the reward is to choose the future that brings more joy. Who does not want to build their own lifestyle, instead of having to swallow what others offer? I'll share something that worked for me and could have usefulness for those not familiar with the concept of inevitability. Inevitability: how to use If I have lunch every day at McDonald's, the inevitable result is that mood disorders, sexual dysfunction, liver problems and significant weight increase. What is the inevitability teaches that knowing the environmental conditions change, and behavioral Ideally, the desired outcome is inevitable. Think about what you did during the day yesterday, from the moment he woke up to bedtime. Repeat the visualization to analyze the past week and if possible month. This gives a notion of routines that are repeated in your life. What is the inevitable result of continuing along this path? It would be like the lifestyle of your boss? Would you like to have a future like that? Another story of mine. I worked as a clerk for a month gazetted. It did not take two weeks to realize that the inevitable result of continuing in this environment was to stay and stop growing. Ask dismissal quickly - if he had more maturity I have not even given the competition for first place! If you have identified similar situations in their routine as the inevitable result that they have something that is outside the larger goals of life, immediately create a deadline to get rid of this condition.