Oscar Nominees 2011

Major nominees this year! 

1. King says! Synopsis: George VI, father of the current Queen Elizabeth II, becomes King of Great Britain. This became possible after the abdication of his brother George Edward VIII. Edward abdicated in order to be able to marry an American divorcee Wallis Simpson. Georg stutters and is very experienced if he could run the country. To manage their illness refers to the Duke of unorthodox speech therapist Lionel ravine. After a series of unexpected technician George VI takes on the royal voice. 12 nominations for an Oscar: "King says!". Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress, Best Actor-director, Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Music Score, Best Sound, Best Original scenario.
2. Iron Grip Synopsis: A 14-year-old girl tries to find the murderer of his father. Traces of lead in a hostile Indian territoriyu.Geroine helps in the search for truth bailiff Rooster Cogburn.

3. Social Network
Synopsis: The history of the popular social networking its founder Mark Zuckerberg.
4. Home
Synopsis: The story takes place in a world where people can penetrate the consciousness of other people. Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) plays the role of company president, who illegally enters the dreams of the people to extract information.

5. Fighter
Synopsis: The real story of the ascent Irish Micky Ward, who became world champion in the lightweight title with the help of the native brother-Coach Dickey.

6. 127 hours
Synopsis: A Climber Aron Ralston was hostage to the mountains. His hand was stuck between boulders, to save his life alpinist took a terrible decision: to cut off the hand improvised means
7. Black swan
Synopsis: In prima ballet suddenly appears dangerous competitor is able to select a main character all the parties. The rivalry intensified with the approach of responsible speech, which should solve everything.
8. Toy Story: The Great Escape 3D
Synopsis: Woody, Buzz and other toys are in kindergarten, after their owner Andy leaves for college.
9. Babes in the order
Synopsis: Vyrasshie children try to find out who their father because they were born by artificial insemination.  
10. Winter bone Synopsis: Jessica will have to stand at the head of his family. In her arms a sick mother and younger sister and brother and father still sitting in jail for drug trafficking. Once the sheriff tells the girl that they can remain without a home, if their father, recently released and gone, does not appear in court and did not pay the mortgage payment. Jessica has no choice as to go in search of his father and go through the lower social strata of society.