Bike Design

 Make Up Our Bikes

By the title you might have noticed the way that this post will do, let's enjoy some inspirational design concepts in our world of two wheels.The interesting thing is you put your imagination to work and see the countless number of creations that can be made using the various pieces that make up our bikes.I filtered some models that I have found viable for use in our day-to-day.Most are made with recyclable materials for disposal, ie not to sacrifice any bike in these concepts in evidence

In the above model for example identify several elements that make up this beautiful piece.
It is predominantly the use of frames that give the main form to this model, inner tubes form together with the spokes, supports and backrest of the seat that has as its base 02 speed handlebars adequately protected with gloves to avoid risks to the floor.  

Another variation as using glass or acrylic seat and back.  
They are pieces that really stand out in design and easily would be part of my furniture.
And what about this belt made from a tire  

My opinion is that this piece would be part of my wardrobe easy, easy, and would add style and I dare say that even a touch of innovation and modernity.
Watches are a case apart. 

 Table or wall, built with hoops or crowns, the most important is that each has an item in your DNA that leads us to our bikes and make them much more than decorative objects for the lovers bikes.
Here at home I have a piece of art hanging on my wall and you?  

I just needed the right support I found in the Centaur