5 Dilemmas Of An Almost Ex-Vegetarian

Do you suffer with vegetarianism by his wife? Or suffer, yourself, trying to be vegetarian for the sake of your health? For I will relate a little of my experience with this. Trying to help you, perhaps I'll help.

His Girlfriend Is Away From That Scene?

Three years ago I decided to learn more about vegetarianism. Some sites, movies and articles later, I was willing to stop eating meat. It was not difficult to strike this part of my menu no. My dilemma came later and still.
I list here five major obstacles that I believe this has any vegetarian life. Really enjoying a barbecue or prefer broccoli, this text might bring some interesting information, or to improve your diet or to help his girlfriend.
1. Family And Friends: They Do Not Give Moral

The worst moment after deciding to stop eating meat is to warn relatives and friends. It may seem odd, but believe me, everyone will try to make you let go of this insane idea. And there's Paul McCartney, forest destruction and mistreatment of animals that will make you a respectable person informed and able to discuss with your loved (until now) ones.
Relatives and friends will eat steak in your face while chanting a mantra imitating the roar of a cow, you will speak to others like a hippie love with crazy kids and your reputation will decrease obviously. Of course we have those who believe and are interested in the whole philosophy of vegetarianism. But these are few.
No Use, Paul, They Only Hear You When You Sing.

2. Restaurants: they do not understand you
Once you have decided and informed to all (and spent a week on bread, water and cheese), it's time to leave. That's when you realize how their world has declined. You never (never!) will reach the end of the menu of a restaurant: it is in part of salads, quiches, soups and risottos that their world will be restricted. Having two options is luxury.
And that will cause your boyfriend has to do extensive searches on the Internet for restaurants that will please and that he has to call ahead and ensure that you get to eat at the fancy restaurant where he plans to take you.

3. Hunger: it always appears
Then her boyfriend chooses a restaurant, take you, ask for a fillet mignon poivre with potato rustic as you choose a salad with shimeji (was what I had). Of course, before leaving the restaurant you're already thinking about the next meal while her boyfriend there, happy, not even digested the piece of beef carcass. This is when you start to think that vegetarianism has made you an ogress.  

4. Carbohydrates, many pounds
And as you've come to the table hungry and their source of protein is less satiating, you end up unconscious, and unfortunately, increasing the carbohydrate portion of your plate. Rice, potatoes, bread, what was to be monitored almost turns out that the main course. And ends up making you win, unintentionally, some unhealthy pounds of refined flour. That is when you are sure that vegetarianism has made you an ogress.

It Is Nearly So, Lady Gaga: Vegetarian Clothes, Turn The Meat That Does Not Eat.

5. The myth of the enchanted world of soy
Everything is suffering until the day you find a speck willing to change his life: the soybean. Marketed in the form of grain, milk, juice, snacks or even texturized (imitating ground beef, beef steak into pieces), soy is found in the world of grain, which is closest to the meat protein.
She is the surrogate that nutritionists consider ideal. I went to one who advised me to eat TVP (imitation meat) every day, religiously. Not easy to find in restaurants, but so far, so good: you ensure your protein portion of preparing their meals at home and teaching the whole family to prepare everything, absolutely everything, with textured soy protein.
This would be great if soy was not a grand deception of our industry marketer. And if you were not already doing research and more research on its many misdeeds. Among many, the worst: their anti-nutrients that prevent take what they could have good and, to top it off, soy blocks the thyroid function. Here a straightforward summary of all the dangers of soy that nobody told you. And now?
If you have not noticed yet, I'm at this stage five, to discover the evils of soy protein substitute and did not find the time. Ando reviewing my reading habits and healthy eating - which means not eating no meat.
Doctors specializing in eating healthy and attuned to new research recommend not consummated anything from soybeans. And if you think you've never eaten anything with this little grain, take a look at the labels of processed products that are the shelves of your kitchen.
"The food, as well as health, is big business. Two thirds of all processed foods contain some derivative of soy in their composition. Just check the labels. The lecithin acts as an emulsifier. Soybean meal increases the 'shelf life' of a series of products. Soybean oil is used extensively by the food industry. The soy industry is huge and powerful. "-Alexander Feldman, MD, in the article" Soy: The story is not so "

It is clear that vegetarianism has its reasons, many: animal abuse, an industry that treats animals as products, manufacturing them in series, the destruction of forest for cattle farming, global warming, the huge amount of water used for the marketing of meat and so
I think the fair question and I believe that meat eaters have a duty to tell it all and, at least, reduce consumption and make it more responsibly. However, I am also weighing health and the environment and reaching a conclusion more healthy for me.
Vegetarian and vegan athletes, healthy and happy people I know who embrace the cause, no doubt. I can not imagine killing a pig to eat bacon, I confess. But perhaps the vegetarian diet is not the best for me. I believe that reducing sugars and carbohydrates is more important now.
Only now beginning to understand that it is highly refined foods that are great tragedy for our body. Fruits of a "scientific reductionism, flour, sugar and cocaine are the same: three" killers of people ", as compared Burgierman Denis.
If we want to improve our health, we have to ignore the news from the shelves, said miraculous food, processed, industrialized, displaying colorfully how are fortified with iron. But the beef? Your fat does not hurt?

"There is nothing wrong with any meat, for the chicken, the fish, the egg. Saturated fat is not the problem. The problem is the amount of saturated fat you consume or how you prepare. Healthy diet includes red meat, yes. Now, quality meat, beef eating grass, eating grass, chicken eats corn, that Cisco, which eats worms on the floor that is set loose. "Braghini-Carlos Jr., physician, chiropractor and author of" Ecology Mobile ", the video below (3:57).

For it is not any meat that we speak here, but the meat organic quality, a producer responsible with the environment and the health of pets.
After quite convinced, I ate a piece of meat these days while her boyfriend left gaping with my seriousness on the subject. Not so easy to decide. I do not want to kill animals, but these readings on healthy eating go hand convinced me ...

If you, your girlfriend or someone you know is interested to go back to eating meat, I suggest the longer process: eating meat indirectly, in a soup or sauce. After the consistent idea in mind (and taste again assimilated) is a bit easier to digest.

"Real Girls Eat Meat"

With or without meat, I still believe that the path is going deep in these matters and not be carried away by the ideas propagated by the industries. If not think of eating meat (or do not want anything to do with broccoli), experts cited here already give a good idea of the way forward to improve their diets and increase their quality of life.
If you have a history with vegetarianism have already thought about it or know more about healthy eating, tell here that I'm interested too.