15 Insanely Sexy TV Bookworms (That Characters Somehow Ignore)

Get out of the library, empty out your pocket protectors and throw on your nerd glasses as  TV's Sexiest Bookworms.

Bennett Halverson

Under the Glasses:  Summer Glau of Dollhouse
Throw her behind a computer desk as hacker "Orwell" of The Cape, take away her shoes, make her moon-brain crazy in the bowels of a starship, or just plain strip the flesh off her metal endo-skeleton.
No matter how big the glasses you throw on Summer Glau, we'd never miss the balletic beauty of our favorite geek goddess.

Charlotte Lewis

Under the Glasses:  Rebecca Mader of LOST
We here at UGO certainly love our fiery redheads, whether they be bleeding from the nose, time-flashing out of their skulls, or macking on con men in the alterna-afterlife dealy.
Charlotte Lewis, object of Daniel Faraday's eye and brilliant archaologist to the island went far too soon.

Chloe O'Brien

Under the Glasses:  Mary Lynn Rajskub of 24
Clearly, the only reason Jack Bauer never went after this brainy beauty was because their interactions were limited to frantic phone conversations stopping terrorists, or half-hidden behind a desk.
That, or the propensity of every woman Jack Bauer touches to explode in a firestorm of pathos.

Cynthia Sanders

Under the Glasses:  Tania Raymonde of Malcolm in the Middle
Don't freak out!  We knew from the moment we saw young Tania Raymonde's performance s the most brilliant girl of Malcolm's Krelboyne class that this young scholar was destined for mega-hotness.
We included the picture for your benefit, but if you think we're creeping out, keep in mind that she goes home to 58 year-old Jeff Goldblum every night. 

Daria Morgendorffer

Under the Glasses:  Tracy Grandstaff of Daria
We know the intellectually sardonic elder Morgendorffer was looked upon as dumpy and nerdier than her more vapid peers, but like  Lainey Boggs before her, a quick tousle of the hair and tighter t-shirts were all it took to get the men of Lawndale High fawning all over her.

Winifred Burkle

Under the Glasses:  Amy Acker of Angel
With Joss Whedon ever the fan of nerd empowerment, it's of interest to note that for most of their time together on Angel, Fred's waif-thin, eccentric, meek and bespectacled librarian/scientist recieved more male attention than, you know, the buxom, former prom-queen supermodel they lived with.
Then there was that time Amy Acker started walking around in red leather and blue hair, and nerds everywhere exploded.  Figuratively.

Gwen Stacy

Under the Glasses:  Lacey Chabert of The Spectacular Spider-Man
Here re-imagined as Peter Parker's nerdy girl-next-door best friend and hidden love interest, Spectacular Spider-Man's Gwen Stacy couldn't keep her beauty under wraps for long, as Mary Jane helped her figure out the age-old remedy of, you know...taking off your glasses.
Then again, when you're voiced by Lacey Chabert, and portrayed in other media by Bryce Dallas Howard and Emma Stone, it's safe to say you won't be considered the ugly duckling for long.  Isn't young love great, until somebody snaps your neck?

Liz Lemon

Under the Glasses:  Tina Fey of 30 Rock
Practically the inventor of glasses chic, no amount of snacking, neuroses, bizarre habits or spectacles could keep us from falling for funnygirl Tina Fey.  Seriously!  We'd even watch Date Night for her.
Okay, well we'd think about it.

Rachel Berry

Under the Glasses:  Lea Michele of Glee
I will say something about Lea as soon as I'm finished looking at this picture.
One minute.
Okay!  Rachel Berry might not have her head in calculus texts all the live-long day, but we can tell you what books she does obsess over!  Song-books!  Bazinga!  Seriously, in what universe does Lea Michele in a schoolgirl outfit not cause every man in McKinley High to burst?  Into...song...that is.

Dana Scully

Under the Glasses: Gillian Anderson of The X-Files
Agent Dana Scully, educated at University of Maryland and with her doctorate from parts unknown, seems entirely too beautiful a fiery redhead to be so incisive a thinker but that's why we love her so.  Always after the truth, she'd tear your pick-up lines apart faster than an Alien Bounty Hunter.
Personality on the other hand...not exactly the life of the party.

Every Star Trek Woman Ever

Under the Glasses: Nichelle Nichols, Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, Terry Farrell, Nicole de Boer, Jeri Ryan, Roxann Dawson, Jolene Blalock, Linda Park...and it goes on like this.
Hotter than Warp Plasma though they may be, we remind you that these women are brilliant scientists, some even doctors, to be afforded work on the most advanced starships of their ages.
And remember, this is the 24th Century.  Skintight catsuits are no excuse for leering.

Dr. Temperance Brennan

Under the Glasses: Emily Deschanel of Bones
There's about a million jokes about Dr. Temperance Brennan's personality being as bare as, well...bones.  So why mess with a good thing?!
The most brilliant forensic anthropologist of her age, the beautiful Dr. Brennan's perhaps only failing is sharing the real-world limelight with a sister so darling and indie, you just want to punch her in the face.

Dr. Remy Hadley

Under the Glasses: Olivia Wilde of House
Perhaps the same could be said of all TV doctors, with looks more stunning than a defibrilator to the chest, but we feel that Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley of House best fits the trope.
I mean, hi.  Olivia Wilde is a doctor.  A DOCTOR.  We haven't felt our collective intelligence insulted this much since Tron: Legacy.

Velma Dinkley

Under the Glasses: Various voice actors, Linda Cardellini in live-action
Why would anybody go for Daphne anyway?  Attaches herslf to a dimwitted guy in an ascot, getting herself into trouble, and wearing purle outfits with red hair?  Eww.
As Linda Cardellini proved in live action, all it takes is a little upkeep to solve the mystery of where our jaws go everytime this bespectacled investigator puts the cap on another enigma.

Willow Rosenberg

Under the Glasses: Alyson Hannigan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Guys, girls, werewolves and snake demons, it doesn't take enchantments or revealing spells to tell us what attracted a generation of Joss Whedon fans to the best A-student, cyber-sleuth and wicked wiccan in all of Sunnydale.