The 100 Greatest Moments In Time Travel

Alexander Ages the Uber-Morlock to Death

The 2002 Hollywood action version of The Time Machine turns the Morlocks into scary, Gollum-like creatures. They're angry buggers and they don't age particularly well - espcially when they're being dissolved outside the time bubble. Let's hope there's a cream for that.

The USS Nimitz Warps to 1941 Pearl Harbor

Don't get too excited - The Final Countdown isn't about Swedish rock band Europe traveling here from 1986, but rather the complicated situation of being planted in the middle of an infamous battle with modern technology. On the flip side, both movies would have equal amounts of explosions, the difference being that Europe would provide them with rock.

Cris Johnson Prevents the Second Half of the Movie

Just when you think you've emotionally invested in Next's inane plot, Nicolas Cage flashes backwards to reveal that everything you've previously experienced was a jump forward in time. Yes, most of Next is Cage traveling forward in time so that he can go back and undo everything you've seen.

Insulting, ridiculous and mind-blowing.

Fonz, Richie, Talking Dog Mr. Cool and Cupcake From the Future Travel Through Time

Happy Days had a ridiculous amount of absurd spin-offs (Mork and Mindy, Blansky's Beauties), but none as wild and time travel-centric as Fonz and the Gang. As narrator Wolfman Jack explains, the guys were just trying, “ get back to 1957 Milwaukee.”

If they wanted to stay in Milwaukee, they shouldn't have gotten on some crazy future lady's time ship! Thinking with other body parts, obviously.

Bubba Stows Away in Gyro's Time Machine

Unlike adult fare, kid shows don't have to waste time making sense. They can go straight to the jumping of sharks.

In season two of Ducktales, the writers decided to throw prehistoric duck Bubba and his pet triceritops into the gaggle. There was never a struggle for Bubba to fit in with modern day society - heck, by the next season, he practically disappeared from Duckburg. Being six million years old really doesn't have the same clout that it used to.

Mulder, Scully and a Random Chick Can't Escape a Mobius Timeline

Mulder and Scully relive the bank errand from hell on The X-Files, when they encounter a woman who keeps a failed robbery looping through time.

No wonder the episode is entitled "Monday" - if you're stuck in a perpetual shooting/bombing, you have a serious case of them.

Al Travels Back in Time to Get His Hamster a Birthday Present

Perhaps it was a bit unrealistic for "Weird Al" to use his Saturday morning variety show to teach kids that, if you forget your friend's birthday, you could simply turn back your digital clock radio in order to reverse time. We tried and it didn't work.

We also tried his back up plan of performing "Yoda" on guitar. That also didn't work.

ITC Sends a Rescue Mission to 1357

Paul Walker makes Timeline into 2 Medieval 2 Furious and that's a good thing. Those old fashioned knights needed a good tossle of the hair and boyish looks. History was getting too gritty.

Buffy Teleports to the Past

Eventually a Slayer's true purpose will bubble up from the surface, and that's exactly what happens in Buffy's final season, when the blonde vampire killer time travels to The Shadow Men, who inform her that the First Slayer is amassing an army.

Thanks a lot, beings of great knowledge. Couldn't just time travel her before the vamprie army prepared to kill all of humanity, hmm?

Henry and Claire's Unborn Child Time Travels

Some dudes can't make babies. That's just a fact.

Luckily, for the most part, it doesn't affect their normal lives. That is, unless your genetic deficiency involves uncontrollably time traveling to various points in time. In The Time Traveler's Wife, that's Henry's problem, yet somehow he still manages to strike up a relationship with Claire, get married and get her pregnant. Only problem? The baby inside of her keeps time traveling too.

Scrooge Travels to His Childhood with the Ghost of Christmas Past

Charles Dickens' holiday time travel story is reimagined by our favorite puppets and British thespian Michael Caine in the near-perfect Muppets Christmas Carol. We're much more willing to relive Scrooge's maladjusted youth when Sam the Eagle is involved. Now bring us some figgy pudding.

Urkel Takes Carl in a Time Machine to the 1970s

We're surprised it took boy genius/social outcast Steve Urkel eight seasons to build a time machine. Thankfully, he eventually did, and he used it to take Carl back in time where he sets himself up to be a billionaire. What could possibly go wrong!?!

Cue: hijinks.

Jack Enters the Body of His Ancestor Using Drugs

We hope in the future, someone is regulating the ability to simply jump into a person of the past's body all willy nilly like. We're not vessels, we're human beings!

In the movie Trancers, Jack Deth, a cop from the year 2247, sniffs the right kind of glue and ends up in the body of his descendent, living in 1985. Once in the 80s, Whistler hunts down a psychic capable of turning people into zombies to do his bidding.

Seriously, if this kind of stuff is going down right now...that's screwed up. Stay in your own messed up future!

Celebi Brings Sam to the Past

When the talent's getting stale, bring someone in from the future!

In Pokemon 4Ever, a time traveling pokemon called Celebi zips to the future and brings fresh-faced Sam in to the Voice of Forest. Ash and Pikachu discover Sam, and the three team up to find a way to send the misplaced young back home.

Michael's Science Project Warps Time

In My Science Experiment, Michael discovers alien technology that bends time and space, bringing things from the past and future into their reality.
Like post-Blue Velvet Dennis Hooper. Eep - turn it off! Turn it off!

Jenna Wakes Up as Her 13-Year-Old Self

In 13 Going on 30 Jennifer Garner's teenage self wishes she could grow up - and thanks to a little magic dust - she does! Although we're not sure how she could tell by grabbing her adult chest.
OK, that was low.

The Power Rangers Chase Ransik to the Year 2001

Fail, if you already thought the Power Rangers and their battle zords were from the future. Just because they have skyscraper tall, fighting robot friends doesn't mean they weren't home grown in this era.
It took the Rangers til their til their seventh iteration, Power Rangers Time Force, to send costumed, karate soldiers and their Transmorp Megazord from the year 3000 back to 2001. This time around, they pursued Ransik, a mutant criminal from the future, who brought a necessary edge to the fading series.
Ranger franchise life extension, activate!

Michael Activates the Magic Remote

What lies beyond the bed and the bath of Bed Bath & Beyond? Overused jokes and a kooky Christopher Walken - but the latter comes with a magical, time traveling remote control, making the Adam Sandler-driven Click a wee bit cooler.

Linda Jumps Back and Forth Between Her Husband's Horrific Future

In Premonition, Sandra Bullock's Linda lives the week of hell, waking up to news or her husband's death, then the next morning, finding him in the shower.
It's hard enough to hear someone's been in a horrific accident, but to wake up one day expecting to have the bathroom all to yourself - well that's too much for a person.

Jamal Walker Falls into a Magical Moat

It's surprising that, in 1328, Jamal Walker gets as far as he does without being burned at the stake. At that point, I'm not sure there were too many non-white people walking around on their own fruition.
We weren't going to make it a black thing, but the movie is called Black Knight.

The Narada Travels Through a Black Hole to 2233

Thanks to the nifty properties of time travel, the brains behind the 2009 Star Trek reboot were able to play with the existing continuity of characters we love, all by tossing in a spaceship where it didn't belong. The mining ship Narada exited a black hole where it met the U.S.S. Kelvin and forever changed the outcome of Trek mythology. Sort of.
Either way, Kirk was bound to be kicking ass - they just gave him the chance to kick miners asses!

Dastan Uses the Dagger of Time

The sands of time are made literal in the video game adaptation of Prince of Persia, which bombed at the box office but still made an impact in the history of time travel. When filled with magical grains of sand, the Dagger of Time allowed the bearer to transport himself back a few steps, in order to avoid a painful chest wound or asp bite.
Somewhere, Jake Gyllenhaal is trying to use the Dagger to reverse the outcome of this movie, not realizing it's only a prop. ZING!

The Futurama Gang Goes Back to Roswell, 1947

Futurama has dabbled with all sorts of time travel plotlines, but only one that featured Bender as a suspected alien spacecraft in Roswell, New Mexico. No wonder it was a cover-up.

Dr. Evil & Mini-Me Jump to 1969

If Dr. Evil and Mini-Me listened to Scott Evil, Austin Powers would have a bullet in his forehead and they'd be ruling the world. Instead, in The Spy Who Shagged Me, they head to the past to steal Powers' mojo.
Makes sense; gunning someone down isn't nearly as fun as emotionally damaging your enemy while increasing your own libido.

Dan Shifts for the First Time

Putting your past behind you is a real bitch when you're forced to time travel against your will. Dan Vasser, in Journeyman, is riding in the back of a car when he suddenly arrives years in the past and meets up with his thought-to-be-dead ex-fiancee. Awk-ward.
A couple that time travels together does not stay together.

Santa Goes Back in Time to the Previous Santa's Death

Even magical occupations have tricky legalease. In Santa Clause 3, Jack Frost tricks Tim Allen's Scott Calvin (aka Santa) into undoing his entire run as the big guy. By enacting "The Escape Clause," Jack reverses time to the moment the previous Santa died and Scott donned the red suit for the first time, allowing the meddling snow spirit to step in and become head honcho.
There won't be any Christmas this year, too many legal fees.

Leopold Mountbatten, Duke of Albany, Falls Through a Time Portal

Kate & Leopold proves that an understanding of modern social skills aren't required to score great looking women this day and age.
All you really need is a British accent a little swagger. You can even get away wearing lace (we know you want to wear more lace).

A Naked Woman Time Travels to Brisco's Room

Learn a lesson from Adventures of Brisco County Jr.: when a naked time traveller appears in your room, pay attention. You'll be inclined to stare, but she's probably saying something important. But also feel free to stare.

Babylon 4 Appears to Babylon 5

In the episode "Babylon Squared," missing space station Babylon 4 reappears from the future after acting as the home base in a massive war. While the crew of Babylon 5 extended their helpful hand to Babylon 4, they knew it was going to be a tough relationship. Guest star: Maury Povich.

Kate Saves Alex with Time Traveling Mail

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night nor deeply convoluted time travel logic stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.
In The Lake House, when Sandra needs to reunite with Keanu after 12 post-Speed years, there's no mailbox too far (or too distant in the past) the USPS can't reach.

The DS9 Crew Goes Old School

Thanks to a nifty Orb of Time, the crew of Deep Space Nine transported back to the days of Kirk and brightly colored uniforms in the DS9 epsiode "Trials and Tribble-ations." Fans who've been complaining since Star Trek TOS that the Trek world lacked proper amounts of cute, multiplying furballs finally got their wish.
Yes, it was nice to see Kirk, Bones and Scotty, and Jadzia in a red miniskirt was special, but really, we're in it for the Tribbles.

Doc Time Travels with a Choo-Choo Train

Marty saved Doc and Clara in the knick of time (har!) with a swift throw of the hover board, but little did he realize that he'd soon be revisited by the couple in a hovering locomotive time machine. Marty didn't have time to figure out how Doc survived the crash or built a flying, time-jumping train using resources from the Old West - he was too busy hiding his snicker after meeting the inventor's albino children, Jules...and Verne.

A Car Hits Sam Back to 1973 (OR DOES IT?!)

The short-lived American version of Life on Mars saw Detective Sam Tyler sent back to the 70s...or so we thought. Little did audiences realize the title was much more literal then its UK counterpart - Sam's time traveling incident, as well as his existance as a cop in present day, was merely a fabrication of sleeping astronaut on his way to the red planet in the year 2035.
We prefer the time traveling.

Calvin Falls Through an Earthquake Crack

The unofficial sequel to Rookie of the Year (the stars both wear baseball uniforms, that counts), A Kid In King Arthur's Court spins Mark Twain's classic novel for the tween crowd. Besides turning the Dark Ages into a barrel of laughs, the movie's also a cinematic travel back in time - can you spot the young Daniel Craig?

Thibault and Andre Accidently Take a Potion That Sends Them to 21st Century

Just Visiting's Lord Thibault is a man full of bad decisions. First he takes a potion that causes him to hallucinate and murder his to-be wife. Then, to escape conviction, he takes another drug that propels him into the future.
We're scared of what medication he finds when he gets to modern day Chicago.

Doug Illegally Travels Back to Save Claire

Tony Scott's rapid camera movement in Deja Vu is enough to make you think you're shifting through your own rip in the continuum, but it's not until Denzel Washington's Doug takes the plunge into time travel that your real headache will set in.
Sending Denzel back was a smart move on the studio's part - if the direction and plot are too convuluted, the audience member can take sustenance in not one, but two Denzels! Three cheers for multiple timelines.

Lt. Frank Parker Travels Back Seven Days to Prevent the President's Assassination

In the pilot of Seven Days ,the government has found a way to send people back exactly seven days in time - quite helpful for Presidential assassination plots that should have been prevented in the first place.
With only two days left before time has passed too far, Lt. Frank Parker is recruited and sent back in time to stop the nefarious plan. It also gives him time to unplug his refrigerator and prevent flodding before heading down to Washington for a week. Talk about disaster!

Phineas and Jeffery Ensure Moses' Discovery in the Nile

Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones, The ragtag team on the time travel show Voyagers!, don't start out friends. It takes working together to float baby Moses down the Nile at the right time to bond them as time-jumpers forever.
Yes, that's right. You can thank a dude named Phineas Bogg for your religion.

A Defibrillator Shock Sends Joel Back to His Past

Seriously, Joel, the main character of TV's Do-Over, is zap by his nimrod friend, sending him back to his teenage years. But the blame is 100% on his buddy - it's his parents who burnt toast, called an ambulence, then insisted Joel come over in the first place.

The Guys Drunkenly Activate the Hot Tub Time Machine

The hot tub may have the power to transport us back in time, but no amount of drunken debauchery could get us to step in to a bubbling tank of hot, yellow water. OK, maybe after a few drinks, but the bear's a real dealbreaker.

George Travels to the Year 802,701

In the 1960 Time Machine, inventor H. George Wells (clever...) builds his time machine to look like a giant clock.  It doesn't seem like a particularly practical design, especially since he jumps ahead to the year 802,701. If he was jumping ahead to lunch time, maybe it would work, but we're guessing the clock's notches aren't counting eons.

Time-Traveling Dwarves Fall Through a Spacetime Hole

In Time Bandits, 11-year-old Kevin gets sucked into the crafty plot of time-traveling disgruntled employees with a knack for getting into historical trouble. They're being chased by the Supreme Being, who really wants his time map back, whether he has hands to unfold it or not.

Stewie and Brian Head to World War II Berlin

Old folk may think Family Guy is low class, but what other animated television comedy tips its hat so often to Bing Crosby/Bob Hope movies?
If our Grandmas weren't suffering from their own senile "time traveling," they'd love the road movie misadventures Stewie and Brian. Unless they're Jewish.

Omri Brings a Mini Little Bear to the Future

The time traveling aspects of Indian in the Cupboard may not be evident from first viewing, but the source marerial reveals that Omri's magical key was sucking actual people out of their lives and teleporting them to his cupboard. One minute you're walking the plains of the midwest, the next you're two-feet tall inside a wodden box talking to a giant teenager.
Little Foot didn't seem too surprised by the whole incident, so maybe the two are more similar than we realized.

New Timeline Earth's Ape Lincoln Memorial

Mark Wahlberg broke the space-time continuum.
Sometime between defeating the evil chimps and crossing back through an electromagnetic storm, history was altered, and the people of Earth are now monkeys. Luckily, it fits with the rest of Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes making little to no sense.

Two Sailors of the USS Eldridge Disappear in a Time Vortex

Based on "true" events, The Philadelphia Experiment recounts the attempt by the military to implement a cloaking device on the USS Eldridge, which causes a rip in time to carry two crew memebers through to the future.

Peggy Sue Goes Back to High School

Kathleen Turner stars as the titular character in Peggy Sue Got Married, a recently separated woman whose 25th high school reunion turns into a trip 25 years back to the past. Back in 1960, Peggy learns that Nicholas Cage was equally as crazy and bug-eyed as he was in the present. Shocking.

Sam Leaps with the Evil Leaper

Eventually Quantum Leap had to have another leaper for Sam to encounter over his chaotic trip through time, and it came in the form of the Evil Leaper Alia. Sam crossed paths with Alia several times during his journey, but most fascinating is how sexist the leaping process is: Sam's a guy who leaps blue, Alia's a lady who leaps pink.

Americans of the Future Travel to 1776, but End Up in 1976

Time travelers from 2176 plan on zipping back to the year 1776, but crossed wires plop them two hundred years later in The Spirit of '76. Instead of witnessing the signing of the Decleration of Independence the travelers encounter drugs and disco, which we're sure the Founding Fathers would have enjoyed too, thus counting as an equal American cultural experience.

Future People Send Psychic Gifts to Their Ancestors

A future race of humans send a warning to their ancestors in the form of children's toys in The Last Mimzy. The movie sends an important message to parents: don't tell your kids to stop playing with weird crap in they find in your lawn. It may look dirty and unsafe, but it could also possess an understanding of DNA structures and be the key to solving a natural disaster.
"Could be," being the important phrase. You wouldn't want to be the Mom or Dad who messed that one up.

John Saves His Father's Life Through Time Traveling Ham Radio Broadcasts

In Frequency, Jim Cavizel's John is already a displaced from modern day - he's a ham radio enthusiast, for pete's sake!
After breaking up with his girlfriend, distraught John discovers his Dad's old ham radio transmits messages to the past (for young persons: time-crossing messages are not a feature of all ham radios), allowing him to warn his father of his impending death. Altering the timeline creates new problems, but in the wake of a messy split, John was more concerned with finding a new hobby then destroying the space time continuum.

Cornelius, Zira, and Dr. Milo Travel to 1973

Everyone's favorite apes escaped from the nuclear warzone of their planet in, you guessed it, Escape from the Planet of the Apes.
Having reconstructed the spaceship from the original movie, Cornelius, Zira, and Dr. Milo time travel back to our present day, where in true American fashion, they're immediately put in zoo cages.

The Enterprise's Bird of Prey Heads to 1986

Ah yes, the ol' slingshot method.
Kirk and his crew take their captured Klingon Bird of Prey for a spin around a sun in order to head back in time in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. San Francisco in the 1980s: the only other decade in history where the Federation's uniforms appear to be in style.

H.G. Wells Tracks Jack the Ripper to 1979

Time After Time builds off the fundamental mantra "write what you know" by putting H.G. Wells at the helm of a time machine, tracking the elusive killer Jack the Ripper. For what we can only imagine were budgetary reasons, Wells tracks the Ripper into the 70s and the non-fiction fiction mystery begins.

A Boston Bound Flight Travels Through a Rip in Time

If you think getting a pat down from a TSA officer is bad, wait til your flight is caught in a temporal riff and you're hunted by furry monsters who chew up unsuspecting passengers with their razor sharp teeth.
That's what happened to the passengers of Flight 29 in the TV-movie adaptation of Stephen King's The Langoliers, an oddball time travel parable that crams the mysteries of the Aurora Borealis and Critters-style monster antics into one flick. Better grab an extra bag of peanuts as bait.

The Turtles Magically Transport Themselves to Feudal Japan

Ancient artifacts have a tendancy to send people back in time (that's why they keep them in glass cases at the museum). The Turtles learn this the hard way in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 when their gal pal April is thrown back to the 1500s, giving them reason to don their leftover samurai Halloween costumes for one more spin.
What does feudal Japanese pizza taste like?

Old Billy Pilgrim Awakens in WWII

Time travelers are never lucky enough to find themselves on the beach or a small cafe in Paris. No, like Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s original book, Slaughterhouse Five has Billy Pilgrim jumping all over the century, spending most of his time in various parts of World War II.
Man, even a little more time on Trafalmadore would have been a welcome break, but nooooooooo.

Tru Travels Back to the Previous Day to Stop a Murder

Tru Calling's Tru has a unique gift: dead people wake up and ask her for help. If Tru were a librarian, it might not be an issue, but fortuantely (unfortunately?) her job at the morgue puts her in close proximity to many a needy dead person. When a request is made, Tru relives a day, giving her a chance to fufill the wishes that the deceased were too lazy to handle themselves.
Dead people, always lying around doing nothing

The 4400 Missing People Return

When 4400 previously missing men, women and children reappear out of nowhere, everyone suspects alien involvement. Typical - they didn't even consider future people transporting them to and fro to circumvent disaster. Open your minds, people!

Charlotte Dies of Excessive Time Travelling

Awwww, who turned the damn donkey wheel!?
LOST Season 5 went full foce with the time jumping, scrambling the islanders placement in history every few minutes. Annoying as hell when you're trying to cross the jungle and especially bad when you're prone to the mental effects of shifts.
Charoltte's sinuses couldn't handle the push of time travel and eventually, the bright white light and callbacks to previous seasons took its toll. RIP Island redhead.

The Master Travels to the Present to Create the Paradox Machine

Doctor Who's The Doctor's foe The Master did the unthinkable in the episode, "The Sound of Drums" - he tinkered with the TARDIS. Pulling a few strings, The Master turned the TARDIS into a Paradox Machine, capable of undoing any history that was done up to that point.
It's like writing your final history paper and clicking "x" without saving. Feel that lump in your throat.

Stark's Mask Transports the Moya Crew to the Past

This is why you can't wear fancy headgear on a planet full of haunting memories. In the Farscape episode "...Different Destinations," Crichton puts a pair of goggles that allow him to see the dead on Stark, only to have a cross-wiring that sends them back to the past.
Unfortunately, the reason there were so many ghosts around was that there were also a lot of murderous opposition around. Run.

The Justice League Follows Chronos to the Batman Beyond Timeline

Franchises cross streams when a time-bouncing enemy leads the JLU's Justice League into the future, giving cranky, middle-aged Batman a chance to meet cranky, old Batman face-to-face for the first time. Don't feel left out Terry McGinnis, you're a Batman too.
We're gonna need a bigger Batcave.

Satan Sends the Warlock to 20th Century Los Angeles

It's 1691, and The Warlock (in the movie Warlock) is on the verge of being executed by witch hunter Giles Redferne. But before Redferne can lay the final blow, Satan himself makes an appearance to blast Warlock to the future - 20th century L.A., to be exact.
Wonderful. Just what L.A. needs. More loonies dressed up in period clothing murdering people and chanting gibberish. We knew this was Satan's fault!

James Cole Is Sent to 1990

12 Monkeys sends Bruce Willis' James back to the 90s to dig up answers on the virus that wiped out most of humanity in 1996.
As a convicted criminal, James has little to lose participating in the time traveling experiment. Including his hair.

Max Takes David Back to 1986

If you kidnap a 12-year-old for eight years, the least you can do is travel back in time, wipe his memory and leave him in the care of his parents.
Even Flight of the Navigator's Trimaxian Drone Ships have compassion for inferior humanoids.

The T-X Arrives in 2004

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines has its high points (awesome car chase!) and low points (erm, everything else...), but the greatest gift of all was the inclusion of a female Terminator.
Why Skynet would bother to build a smoking hot killer bot is beyond reason, but we can't argue. She looks good in time travel.

Oliver Awakens to Find Himself at an 19th Century Railcoach

When life's getting you down, time travel back to the 1880s, a time where life went a little slower and the scurvy was a bit more common.
That's what Oliver Misrell acheives in Twilight Zone's "Stop at Willoughby" when a train makes a stop in the old timey dustbowl of Willoughby, a place that may or may not be the equivalent of jumping off a speeding train to one's death.
As long as he's happy.

Donnie Transports the Plane Back in Time

We're still flipping through pages of Internet addendums and DVD extras trying to figure out exactly what the hell happened in Donnie Darko, but since the smiling bunny man told us to put the movie on the list, we'll put the movie on the list.
That said, if there's some sort of Southland Tales crossover we're missing - oof - we'll have to give up for good. Quick, get on Amazon and order the compendium graphic novels!

The Time Squad Stops Eli Whitney's Flesh-Eating Robots

When time gets out line, Time Squad is there to correct it.
In the cartoon's first episode, Buck, the chiseled muscle man, Otto, the brainiac kid and Larry, the pessimistic robot, transport themselves back to the time of Eli Whitney. Before inventing the cotton gin, Whitney dabbled in flesh-eating robots that terrorized his neighborhood, an activity the Time Squad put the kibosh on so Whitney could get down to really helping the world.

Bill & Ted & Their Historical Friends Put on a Rock Concert

Modern day historians could learn a thing or two from Bill and Ted. After retrieving Beethoven, Freud, Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, Napoleon and Abraham Lincoln, the two high school stoners don't waste time picking their brains about the past - they put on a kick-ass rock concert!

Kirk and Spock Follow Bones into the Guardian of Forever's Doorway

In "City at the Edge of Tomorrow," a drugged out McCoy leaps through a portal into the unknown time and place. Like good friends, Kirk and Spock promptly follow. I'm sure afterward, there mother's asked, "if McCoy had jumped off a bridge, would you?"
If the bridge lead to Depression-era 1930s and a brief encounter with a beautiful lady, I'm sure the answer would be yes.

Richard Uses His Powers of Determination to Will Himself Back to 1912

We're all about love (and stuff), but Christopher Reeves' Richard is borderline creepy in Somewhere in Time. You know you're not getting laid enough when a sixty year old photograph of a woman you don't know sends you down an obsessive path of mental time traveling.
Bonus points for actually sending yourself to the year 1912, but still, little weird.

Ash Finds Himself in Medieval Times

Sam Raimi turned the Evil Dead franchise on its head by sending his one-armed hero Ash back in time in Army of Darkness. But just to make sure the audience didn't feel too alienated, he made sure to pair Ash with his signature sh*tty car, perfect for demon killing.

Barnabas Returns to 1970

Dark Shadows reveled in its causal supernatural qualities. Staircase in Barnabas' mansion? Oh yeah, it's a set of stairs leading to a time traveling portal. No big thing.
You don't even want to know the mysteries behind the broom closet.

Homer's Toaster Takes Him Back in Time

The Simpsons pay homage to Ray Bradbury's famous story "A Sound of Thunder" in a "Treehouse of Horror V" segment in which Homer sends himself back in time with his toaster and forever changes history.
Grandpa told him not to change anything while in the past, so of course, Homer changes everything while in the past. So long, butterfly.

The Borg Travel Back to the Earth's First Contact

If at first you don't succeed...go back in time, assimilate the enemy ship and crush humanity at its defining technological moment. That's the Borg's plan in Star Trek: First Contact, when they launch a space pod into the past in hopes of destroying man's first attempt at warp speed.
Resistance continued to be futile.

Ba'al Alters the Stargate Timeline

When your friends start disappearing, it's safe to assume someone's gone back in time and messed with your past. That's exactly what happened to the SG-1 team when Ba'al, a douche who decided Earth didn't have enough strange, apostrophe named people inhabiting it, went back in time to the first Stargate's discovery and effed everything up.
People start fading, timelines go haywire and, of course, the government won't give anyone the go ahead to fix it. Some things never change.

Einstein Becomes the First Time Traveler

Back To The Future proves that history will repeat itself.
Much like Laika was the first in space, Einstein was the first to travel through time.
Dogs, what would life-threatening scientific experiments be without them?

Futurians Go Back in Time to Kill Godzillasaurus

Men from the future go back intending to kill Godzilla's long lost relative Godzillasaurus, but end up creating a multi-headed dragon beast instead.
Continuity is thrown to the wind in Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, but by 1991, producers just needed reasons to dust off the old monster suits and start batting the hell out of each other. Time travel's always a good bet.

Hiro Turns the Clock Back - with His Mind!

In the pilot for Heroes, Japanese nerd Hiro finally wills time backwards. Little does he realize, Ben Franklin did the same thing in the 1700s, when he invented daylight savings time.

Goobacks Arrive from 3045 to "Teek Err Jerbs"

South Park proved again that it is the master of television satire in the episode "Takin' Our Jobs," in which the immigrant worker issue was substituted with...a time traveling immigrant worker issue. Forget coming back in time to change humanity - these guys just need a few bucks.

Jason Activates the Omega 13

Nerds finally do something right.
In Galaxy Quest, Tim Allen's Jason calls upon the help of his dedicated fan base to uncover the mystery of Omega 13. A hardcore Quest-ie suggests that the mystery technology is a time traveling device that allows the user to step back 13 seconds. Indeed it is, and the brief window is just enough time for the action/starship captain to punch an alien in the face and save the day.

Two Time Traveling McCombs Implode Upon Contact

What's better than a Jean-Claude van Damme final kick? Timecop knows: a Jean-Claude van Damme final kick that ends in two copies of the same person melting into one another because of a collision in the time-space continuum.
Science just got so much more badass.

Hermione Uses the Time-Turner

Don't tell us Dumbledore doesn't play favorites. Hufflepuff didn't stand a chance to win the house cup while Harry Potter and Co. were in attendance. He certainly wasn't handing out Time-Turners, as he did in Prisoner of Azkaban, to any old brainy chick.
We love Hermione, but total brown noser.

Lewis' Future Son Brings Him to the Year 2037

Meet the Robinson's wasn't a huge success for Disney, perhaps because of the complex time travel logic ingrained in the story's family friendly plot. While Robinson' could have been as simple as "hey, we're from the future and need your 21st century know-how to solve a problem," the movie goes the extra step to tie the bad guy into main character Lewis' backstory.
We don't have time to make sense of who is who and when is when - we're looking for hidden Mickeys!

Evan Time Travels to His Mother's Womb

The alternate, original ending to the Ashton Kutcher-starring Butterfly Effect was a...unique twist on time travel. In order to prevent ruining his girlfriend's life, Evan sends himself back in time before his own birth, where he eventually strangles himself with his own umbilical cord.
And you thought it was just for feeding.

Time Travelers Kidnap Airplane Passengers

Time travelers are boarding planes and kidnapping people mid-flight. But why?! Let's just say Millennium involves time travellers time travelling to counteract other time travellers' time paradoxes with - oof. This one's a doozy.

The Second Hector Realizes There's a Third Hector

Multiplicity becomes a horrible truth in Timecrimes, when time traveller Hector realizes the scientist who originally sought to help him was really working behind his back with an alternate version of himself. When time travel loops are involved, you can literally be your own worst enemey. Erm, enemigo.

Martin Sloan Strolls Through the Memories of His Past

Martin Sloan unknowingly relives his childhood in the Twilight Zone episode "Walking Distance." While Martin leaves the experience frightened from overanlyzing his past, he did walk away with a chocolate soda that only cost a dime. Makes you wonder if living in the past really is better than the future.
Depends on how high you hold chocolate sodas (in our case, very, very high).

Superman Reverses Time by Circling the Earth

We're not sure spinning the Earth in the opposite direction would reverse time, but that's why he's a Super man. In Superman: The Movie he saves Lois Lane's life by flying really fast around the globe, undoing the natural disaster that buried her alive.
Noble, but really Supes is just ensuring he has a booty call when he needs it.

The Man Leaves Post-Apocalyptic Paris for the Past

Those dreams you're having? Like the guy in the French photo montage La Jetee, they could be memories of a future event that will only occur when you've time traveled to the past.
Lucky for you, it's not too hard to survive showing up to school naked.

Abe Brings a Time Travel Box Through the Time Travel Box

Primer is applauded for grounding the time travel genre and applying real science to its logic. In other words, it uses enough science jargon to fool people like us who could barely stay awake during Physics class. We're fine with this, and the state of confusion we enter while watching Primer is welcomed.
Ignorance and multiple timelines spiraling out of control are bliss.

The Doctor Allows Mount Vesuvius to Erupt

The Doctor (from Doctor Who) may be a Time Lord with the ability to travel to any point in the past, present or future, but he can't meddle with time. In the episode "Fires of Pompeii," The Doctor makes the difficult decision to let Mount Vesuvius explode, killing the people of Pompeii. Sad, but it's made slightly better by the fact that there's a monster inside the volcano who can only be killed by the eruption.
Silver lining?

A T-800 Time Travels to 1984 to Kill Sarah Conner

Naked and ready to kill, the Austrian robot known only as "The Terminator" made an electrifying entrance in James Cameron's original 80s action flick, The Terminator. It would be the catalyst for many a druken debate over the validity of time travel logic and how awesome Arnold Schwarzenegger looked in his shades.

Q Bounces Picard Around Time

In "All Good Things," the finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the omnipresent Q creates an alternate timeline puzzle for Picard, to help prove humanity's worth in the eyes of the Q continuum. As always, Picard is up for the challenge and rises to the occasion almost

Q Bounces Picard Around Time

In "All Good Things," the finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the omnipresent Q creates an alternate timeline puzzle for Picard, to help prove humanity's worth in the eyes of the Q continuum. As always, Picard is up for the challenge and rises to the occasion almost

Desmond Discovers He's a Time Traveller

Desmond went from the lovely man with a Scottish accent to full-on fan favorite in LOST's "The Constant," where the former button-pusher learns the hard way what it's like to be unstuck in time. Luckily, he has a "constant," his love Penny, who remains his shining light while bouncing from military service, to island-docked freighter to Oxford laboratory.
See you in another timeline, brother.


Phil Wakes Up to Groundhog Day...Again

Did Phil hate Groundhog Day or Sonny and Cher?
The Pittsburgh weather man suffers his way through a Punxsutawney blizzard only to find himself stuck in a never-ending time loop, a 24 cycle filled with "I Got You Babe," annoying insurance salesmen and an adorable woodland creature. Eventually he gets the hang of it.

Marty Is Sent Back to 1985

Having reversed the damage he'd done to his parents 1955 timeline, Marty and Doc orchestrate a one-in-a-million plan to send Marty Back to the Future. The moment Marty's parents fell in love is only hours from the infamous bolt of lightning that struck the town clocktower and would provide Marty with enough juice to get home, but hey, life is probably full of coincidences you only realize were happening during time travel.